Framework for the Testing of Automated Banknote Handling Machines

This page is intended as a reference, for manufacturers of Automated Cash Handling Machines and their customers. Such machines accept, count, dispense, recycle or sort banknotes and may have a facility to retain suspect notes. The Scottish and Northern Ireland (S&NI) Banks have introduced a voluntary framework to test machines these machines on a regular basis. In the future the S&NI Banks may introduce additional tests to check their capability to sort according to a fitness level if relevant to this specific machine type.

Details of machines that pass these tests will be published here from September 2017 and from then on an on-going monthly basis. The presence of machines on this list does not imply that these machines are designated ‘Polymer Banknote’ ready. Please seek advice from the manufacturer separately.

The framework document governing the testing regime for S&NI banknotes is published below. Businesses should be particularly aware of the limitations of testing with respect to the equipment that they own and use which is described in Section 8, Disclaimer

MTF Framework agreement July 2022


Manufacturers are able to participate in this initiative at any time.

For further information or to begin the application process please e-mail:  [email protected]

Customer-Operated Cash-Dispensing Machines

The Code of Conduct for the Authentication of Machine Dispensed Banknotes (the ‘Code’) was first published in July 2013 by UK Payments and is being revised to extend scope to cover S&NI banknotes. The Code requires business owners and operators of customer-operated cash-dispensing machines (e.g. ATMs and self-service checkouts) to fill them with banknotes that have been authenticity checked using a machine that has been listed as passing the tests under this Framework. More information about this and the Code can be found on the Code of Conduct for Machine Dispensed Banknotes page and at the Cash Services website