Polymer Banknotes

Polymer Banknotes are gradually being rolled out accross Scotland, Northern Ireland and England, with a further 7 notes scheduled to be released in 2020.

The thin, flexible plastic material is resistant to dirt and moisture so will stay cleaner than paper and will incorporate advanced security features making the banknotes difficult to counterfeit. They will also lasts at least 2.5 times longer than paper banknotes improving the quality of notes in circulation.

New £5 notes were introduced into circulation in Scotland in 2016 followed by the £10 notes in 2017 and £20 in 2020. The Polymer £50's will also start to enter circulation from July 2021.

In Northern Ireland new £5 & £10 notes were released into circulation on the 27th February 2019 and polymer £20 notes were rolled out from July 2020.

Old paper design banknotes will continue to be removed from circulation as the new polymer banknotes are issued. Longer term, this will create a simpler banknote circulation model in Scotland and Northern Ireland.


Contact info for Polymer enquiries:

For further information please contact:

Bank of Ireland:

Tel: 028 907 64402            E-Mail:- [email protected]

Bank of Scotland:

Tel: 0131 666 3637            E-Mail:- [email protected]

Clydesdale Bank: 

Tel: 0141 242 3091             E-Mail:- [email protected]

Danske Bank: 

Tel: 028 900 47887             E-Mail:- [email protected]

The Royal Bank of Scotland:

Tel: 0131 523 8245              E-Mail: [email protected]

Ulster Bank:

Tel: 0131 523 7137              E-Mail: [email protected]


The Bank of England £5, £10 & £20 polymer banknotes issued in 2016, 2017 and 2020 respectfully, will be followed by the £50 note in 2021. For further information on Bank of England Polymer please click follow the link to the Bank of England website.