Originally known as the Scottish & Northern Ireland Banknotes Technical Standards Board, the Association of Commercial Banknote Issuers ("ACBI") was established in November 2008 pursuant to matters highlighted in the following UK Treasury consultation

"Financial Stability and depositor protection: further consultation" (July 2008).

Current documents and information relating to the 2008 consultation can be found below.

"Bank of England Financial Stability Overview" 

"Banknote issue arrangements in Scotland and Northern Ireland" (April 2017);

ACBI provides a forum to assist the Bank of England in the discharge of its responsibility for maintaining confidence in the integrity of all paper currency in the UK and supports the Bank in this area in relation to all banknotes issued by the note-issuing banks in Scotland and Northern Ireland. In addition, ACBI facilitates discussion, debate and cooperation amongst its members on matters of mutual interest or concern that relate to banknote issuance and that are not of a competitive nature. The activities and operations of ACBI are governed by a constitution document agreed amongst its members. You can see a copy of ACBI's constitution by clicking the document below.

ACBI Constitution