Testing Automatic Machines

Framework for the Testing of Automated Banknote Handling Machines

Testing automatic banknote handling machines

We set authentication standards for machines that automatically accept, count or sort banknotes.


Our machine-testing framework enables manufacturers to test their machines with counterfeit banknotes to ensure they only accept genuine banknotes.

The framework supports the code of conduct for local recycling, which ensures ATMs and self-service checkouts only dispense genuine notes.

The Framework

An amended framework was introduced in February 2021 to allow equipment manufacturers to self certify the performance of their machines within their own facilities.

https://www.acbi.org.uk/preside/system/assets/images/asset-type-icons/32px/pdf.png MTF Framework agreement July 2022


It sits alongside a similar framework for Bank of England banknotes which can be found here.


Machines and software that meet our standard

Every month, we publish an updated list of models and software versions that meet our standards. Businesses can use it to make informed choices about the equipment they use.

Manufacturers often update the software in their machines for a new banknote design or to make authentication improvements. If you are a business owner or operate a machine, you can check you are using the correct version of software or firmware.

We test a sample model only and not every machine that is manufactured. Please be aware of the limits of our testing (these are set out in section 8 of our framework).


If we have not listed a manufacturer or model you are aware of, please contact us at [email protected]  

The current list of machines and software versions that have met the standard can be downloaded here. This now combines the results of both the Bank of England and the Scottish and Northern Ireland banknote testing in one place for ease of use.