First Trust Bank (AIB)

First Trust Bank ceased to issue notes as of the 30th June 2022. Please see below for further information on what you should do with your banknotes

AIB Group (UK) p.l.c. trading as First Trust Bank in Northern Ireland retains the right to issue its own banknotes up to midnight on 30th June 2020, after which due notice has been given to the Bank of England that it will cease this activity. All First Trust Bank banknotes (including earlier notes issued under the names Provincial Bank of Ireland Limited (to 1976), Allied Irish Banks Limited (1977 – 1986) and Allied Irish Banks plc (1987 – 1993) in circulation will remain legal currency until 30th June 2022, and can be spent, accepted or lodged as normal until then. Arrangements are in place to exchange any remaining notes held after that date, full details of which can be found at

To obtain detailed information about the design and security features of each note issued by First Trust Bank please select the appropriate image below.

Currently in circulation, there are two versions of the £10 note; three versions of the £20 note; three of the £50 note and three of the £100.  Although the versions of the notes are broadly similar, there are some differences in security features and ink colours used between the earlier and later issues.