Clydesdale Bank T/A Virgin Money

Clydesdale Bank was founded on 7th May 1838 by James Lumsden and a group of fellow Glasgow merchants.

Having been part of the Midland Bank since the 1920's, the Bank became part of the National Australia Group in 1987 before demerging in 2016.  The Bank retains a strong presence throughout Scotland and, operating under the Yorkshire Bank brand, in the Midlands and the North of England.

However, just as the bank’s early fortunes were linked closely with those of Scotland's 19th century traders, industrialists and merchants, so the business banking services today match the needs of a new generation of enterprise, from the smallest sole trader to the largest corporation.

Clydesdale Bank has a strong reputation as an innovator in banking.  For example, it was the first Bank in the UK to have mobile branches (1948), the first Scottish Bank to introduce personal loans (1958) and cheque guarantee cards (1966) and the first to introduce computer linked teller terminals in branches (1978).  More recently it was the first Bank in Europe to have audio enabled link to ATMs for customers with visual difficulties (2006).

The bank’s personal customers also enjoy the advantages of friendly service through the bank’s extensive network of branches throughout Scotland.  All of the Bank’s customers may also use any Post Office in the UK for transactional banking.  The bank also operates some of the most advanced ATM's in the UK.  In late 2006 the Bank’s Call Centre (located in Clydebank) was named as both the ‘Best European’ and subsequently the ‘Best Call Centre in the World’ by the Contact Centre World Awards.

The Bank is also a socially inclusive bank, with a range of financial services solutions tailored to the needs of all income levels. They are also committed to helping all customers to protect and enhance their wealth through a comprehensive range of insurance and investment options.

Head Office: 30 St Vincent Place, Glasgow, G1 2HL

Tel: 0141 248 7070